Friday, 30 March 2012

Viktor and Rolf: Fairytale

After Viktor and Rolf’s shaved and slashed gowns in 2010 and their increasingly surrealist shows, it is hardly surprising that they also have a talent for writing fairytales. Released last October, the duo’s debut book features 12 stories with a lingering moral message to be learnt. Tales of a girl named Candy Floss, a dress made of pure gold and a lonely disco hedgehog let us further into the weird and wonderful minds behind their dramatic vision. The pair have stated that they want these 12 stories to act as a form of escapism, having written the stories years ago and finally deciding to publish them. Keeping in spirit with the rest of the brand, the book is designed in their signature pink and black. In a recent interview with Vogue they say, “We would love to bring to readers of the book a sense of irony and fascination; to trigger the imagination and open up new windows to different worlds and possibilities. It’s ok to be different or think different.”
With the release of the films ‘Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White’ and ‘Dorothy of Oz’ in 2012, it looks as though we will be bombarded with both brand new stories and remakes of our favourite childhood fairytales within the next year.

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