Friday, 30 March 2012

Evil Twin

Jodie McKenzie explores a darker personality with her designs at Evil Twin. The name explains the brand, with the Australian designer gaining inspiration from her twin’s 80s inspired dark style. Channeling this sinister vibe with her latest collection ‘The Night is For Hunting’, an essence of both grunge and punk are blended to create an intriguing and wearable look book. Black leather skirts and trousers are re-energized with tie-dye print crop tops, graphic tees and sheer unfitted shirts. Paint-splattered jackets and dresses are combined with the brand’s signature hat in every picture. Colour wise, there is anything from burnt oranges and reds to military inspired khaki and of course black.
As well as her sister, McKenzie claims to be inspired by Australian street style, resulting in her collections being not only wearable but also suited for every body type.  With the collection now being sold at both Urban Outfitters and ASOS, Australian street style looks to be the way forward.

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